The 600 challenge part 2

20: White throated flycatcher, 21: Lesser elaenia, 22: Lesser goldfinch, 23: Scaled pigeon,  seen on Nov 3rd in the small savannas in route to Durika.

24: Orange billed nightingale-thrush,  25: Barred parakeet, Seen on NOv 3rd at Durika.

Everything for a crake.

Everything for a crake.

We heard ocellated crake several times but never saw it, and the rosy thrush-tanager kept calling but never allowed us to see him. Gotta go back for those again this year!

26: Red billed pigeon.

Red billed pigeon

27: Black tailed flycatcher, 28: black cheeked ant-tanager,  seen on Nov 11th in Esquinas rain forest lodge.

Black tailed flycatcher

Black cheeked ant-tanager

29: Rusty margined flyacatcher, Nov 11th in the road to La gamba.

Rusty margined flycatcher, this FC looks very similar to a great kistakee and a social flycatcher.

30: Common nighthawk, Nov 11th, driving back to Quepos on route 34 north, several individuals flying over the palm oil plantations by Roncador.

31: Fasciated tiger-heron, Nov 19th in the Portalon River, by the entrance of Portosol.

fasciated tiger-heron

32: Yellow crowned tyrannulet, Nov 24th in Esquipulas.

Yellow crowned flycather

33: Sapphire throated hummingbird, 34:brown throated parakeet, on Dec 1st in Coto 47 marshes.

Brown throated parakeet

35: Black striped woodcreeper: Esquinas rainforest lodge Dec 2nd.

36: Balck bellied hummingbird, 37: rough legged tyrannulet, Dec 10th, Tapanti NP.

38: common gallinule, 39: sedge wren, Cartago, Dec 10th. (Lagunas de Doña Ana)

Common gallinule AKA Common moorhen

40: Crested owl, Dec 12, Rainmaker

41: Barred forest-falcon, 42: yellow margined flycatcher, 21 Dec Nectandra.

New species Total: 41. CR list Total 583


About Johan Chaves

I am a birding guide and naturalist, with a deep passion for birds. I got into birding nearly a decade ago thanks to a friend, then he was fighting leukemia, during his recovery we became great friends and very competitive birders, we did a lot of birding and twitching some rarities through the country, is amazing how much one can learn from a birder friend! he, Roy Orozco left us on August 4th 2016 leaving a huge hole in our hearts. From this point every bird now has a different meaning to me, not just their beauty but the fact that constantly brings the memory of him, whom I owe much of the birder I am today.

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