Heads up! Common potoo near Manuel Antonio park entrance!


Yes! Title says it all!. Be in the look out for this potoo before you enter MA park. This bird had been sighted for about 3 days in a row and was nesting in the exact same branch last year. Potoos are close relatives to the whipp-poor-will and nightjars. Extremely well camouflaged they earn their local name “stick bird” and often in the top ten wanted list of any birder coming to CR.
Contact me for directions.

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About Johan Chaves

I am a birding guide and naturalist, with a deep passion for birds. I got into birding nearly a decade ago thanks to a friend, then he was fighting leukemia, during his recovery we became great friends and very competitive birders, we did a lot of birding and twitching some rarities through the country, is amazing how much one can learn from a birder friend! he, Roy Orozco left us on August 4th 2016 leaving a huge hole in our hearts. From this point every bird now has a different meaning to me, not just their beauty but the fact that constantly brings the memory of him, whom I owe much of the birder I am today.

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