About Johan Chaves


Johan Chaves- Photo courtesy of Nancy Barcelo


I am Johan Chaves, a  Costa Rican who has lived all his life in  the  central pacific of CR.  Born and raised in a very  small country town half way  between Quepos and Dominical.

Most of my training comes from the Costa Rica National learning institute (INA), a governmental institution, leader on the art of educating guides, as well as studies from the UNED university, although the best is the experience gained in the field on this already 11 wonderful years!

I got started into birding thanks to a friend, then he was struggling with leukemia, Roy, an avid birding guide became my best friend and mentor, during and after his recovery I learned to bird, and fell in love with the birds. His passion inspired me to be a good birder and had endless travels with my friend chasing lifers or rarities, every bird has a story to tell. His legacy inspires me to be a great birder in his honor, I now bird in memory of my Best friend Roy Orozco who left this world but not our hearts on Aug 4th 2016.

For me birding is much more than a hobby, its a way of life, I understand firsthand birders’ expectations when visiting new destinations, therefore I have worked really hard to give my best at the field, hoping you dear visitor enjoy our birds as much as I do.

Roy Orozco

Johan Chaves and Karina Segura

My wife Karina and I, on our first day ready to venture into the remote Darien National Park, harpy and crested eagles home!





Johan Chaves Guided day tours.







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