I can be best contacted via e-mail at:

Nonetheless these other sources can be possible as well.


  1. Peter Christiansen

    Hi Johan!
    My compliments to Your blog and Your website, both are very informative!
    I tried to leave this comment on Your website, but I could not submit it with the name of the hotel.
    I am a birder from Denmark, visiting Costa Rica for the first time. I am staying with my family for one week from Feb 17-24th at hotel Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio. I have learned about Esquipulas as a good birding option in the vicinity of Manuel Antonio and I am very interested in hiring You for a one-day tour, if You are available in the period mentioned above, maybe in combination with El Rey. If You have a vacant spot in Your calendar, could You please tell me the price for a tour to Esquipulas alone and in combination with El Rey? I would like the price for one person as well as for a family of four for both options.
    Kind regards, Peter Christiansen

    • HI dear Peter! Thank you very much for your kind interest and for your kind comments, also thank you for letting me know about the contact form issue, I just fixed that and hope the problem wont be repeated. My e-mail is please send me an email so I can get your address and I can provide you detailed information.
      Thank you again, I look forward to your email.

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