First report of Sporophila Lineola-Lined seedeater for Costa Rica

On Saturday, October 5th, my friend Roy Orozco, our wives Magaly Mendez, Karina Segura and my self had the oportunitie to spot for first time this new specie for our Costarican bird list. A vagrant from south america who has been in El rey marshes for almost a week now.

Setillero lineado

Firs report for Costa Rica Sporophila lineola Lined seedeater


The birds of Costa Rica: A field guide 2nd edition is almost on the market!


On October 18th, 2013, while birding at Chomes with friends Roy Orozco, Johan fernandez, great birders such as Richard Garrigues and other fellow birders from Monteverde, we had the opportunity to heard from Richard himself that he was working on a second edition of his already-famous, and well done field guide; The birds of Costa Rica: A field guide.

Today I was able to confirm with Richard over the phone that the second edition is finished and is almost ready to be available on the market, indeed amazon has it already for pre-orders (DECEMBER 4th).
That is great news since the current version is very undated now, with so many name changes and splits, as well as new species for CR, this new field guide is more than needed!


New bird specie for Costa Rica, Yellow backed oriole.

October 14th, 2014


On October 14th while visiting my mom in a town called Portalón, 24km south of Quepos, my wife spotted an unusual oriole so she called me immediately for me to see it, the views were with the necked eye since we had no optics at the moment, but lucky a notepad and a pen so I made a quick illustration of what was 15feet in front of me. The I called My colleague and great friend Roy Orozco for ID help as he was home and had access to his books, it ended being a yellow backed oriole based on my description!
On Oct 15th my wife Karina S, Roy O and I went back to find the bird and get proofs, and we located the bird again and got some photos, recorded its voice and a little bit of its behavior. What a treat, we had this luck almost a year ago now (October 5th 2013) when I found the first and so far only individual lined seedeater (Sporophila lineola) for CR at El rey, a marshland near Quepos.

Life is good, the effort and the countless hours in the field had been rewarded….twice!




New Taxonomy changes for 2016!

How many birders often hate the idea of having to erase or edit their field guides due to new names applied to bird species, well, I personally find bird taxonomy fascinating and really enjoy having to study the scientific articles provided by the experts and having to add more notes to my guides, it is just a totally different way to bird!


As it is known to many that the American Ornithologists’ Union has published in its 16th supplement on July 6th, 2016 and it contains a series of taxonomic changes, various of the families, genus, and common English names had been treated, some splits, some merges it means a lot of fun editing the books and trying to understand this fascinating wave of changes!

Click here for more details.




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